FTC Safeguards Rule is Changing, Are YOU?

Washington/Idaho CPA FIRMS: Are you ready for the FTC Safeguards Rule Deadline on June 9th?

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May 23th 2023

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3 Things You May be Wondering about the New FTC Regulations...

Is my CPA Firm actually impacted by the new FTC regulations?

Yes. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, § 314.2(h), the FTC requirements apply to your CPA Firm and compliance is required by June 9th, 2022.

Can't this wait until later?

Unfortunately, no. The updated FTC regulations go into full effect June 9th, 2022. All CPA Firms will be subject to regulations, penalties, and fines as of this date.

Are the new FTC Safeguards regulations complicated?

Ensuring that your CPA Firm is up to speed on the new regulations is a daunting process without help. In fact, professional I.T. support is now mandated by the Safeguards Rule.

Meet Your Presenter

John Hansman, CEO of Truit

John will be sharing exactly what you need to know about protecting your CPA Firm from both FTC penalties and future security breaches on the horizon.

John is an I.T. and Cybersecurity Expert with a commitment to....

John has years of 20 years of experience in the electric security industry, corporate IT and project management. John Has built Truit from the ground up and specializes in keeping business safe and helping them make the most of their technology.

How the new FTC Safeguards Rule will impact Texas CPA Firms?

CPA Firms are in possession of critical consumer information, including access to customer names, addresses, tax information, credit card numbers, identifying business information, critical employee information, and other financial information which are prime targets for hackers.

With the FTC’s Safeguards Rule deadline going into effect on June 9th, CPA Firms will be required to have detailed procedures and specific criteria implemented in order to provide better protection and to curb data breaches and cyber attacks that could jeopardize sensitive customer data.

While most CPA Firms anticipate needing external support to meet the Rule’s security obligations, evaluating a myriad of vendors and tools to meet different sets of requirements can add to the existing burden.

When you attend this training, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to ensure that your firm is up to date on regulations and compliance, while also procuring the necessary steps to mitigate your risk of a cyberattack.

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